17 Aug 2014

Introducing "The Moolah Matters"

Did you know that there are more people afraid of investing in the stock market than they are of dying? Well, statistics say so. This was one of the implausible outcomes of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Nationwide Financial. 

Most of us would never express this fear out in the public since this kind of phobia doesn’t even appear in the consideration list. The underlying reason could be that the very thought of trading, hedging and speculating were synonymous to a mystical black box. And this box staged the fight between the mighty bull and the sluggish bear.

But hey, it’s time that we break this myth and reveal the bounty opportunities that lie dormant in this mystical box. On this note, we introduce you to “The Moolah Matters” which will serve as a platform to unlearn and learn, discuss and discover, develop and share ideas, incidents, trends, concepts and much more in the world of Finance. This is a one-stop shop where “Fin” revolves around Fun and “U” play the pivotal role.

This weekly blog will essentially comprise of articles contributed by enthusiasts on topics ranging from events which grabbed the limelight to recent instances which are creating a buzz in the Banking and Financial circles. And the various add-ons like Word of the week, Interesting facts and Comic strips will be the icing on the cake. 

The official mascot for “The Moolah Matters” is Uncle Scrooge of the Duck Tales series who is the richest Disney character. His witty one-liners are sure to have you in splits!

Finitiative, the Finance club of XIME – Bangalore, has come up with a host of events this year which started off with a bang with its inaugural event “Stock Hawks” which had 198 registrations. This turned out to be a feather in the cap by breaking all participation records ever in any of the club events. The second event “Vinimaya” was launched on 30th July. The upcoming events will be in the lines of Dream Merger, Lock Stock Negotiate, Industry Barons, Stock minds, etc. We will ensure that you are updated on the schedule.

Let this saga continue. We invite all amateurs and aces to chip in their ideas to make this blog as lively and engaging as it can be. So why wait? Put on your thinking caps and let the ideas flow!

Happy Blogging 

This Article is written by Sonika Krishnan (PGDM 2013-15) & Sritama Ghosh (PGDM 2013-15)


  1. Good Job Team! Way to go.

  2. Amazing...Well written Sonika & Sritama. really glad to see this blog by finitiative.
    Team do make sure that this is kept updated and turns out to be a useful platform.
    All the best :)

  3. Very well written! Finitiative's road map captured nicely
    ATB :)

  4. This is brilliant stuff...Well written :) Hope to see many more such posts in the days to come

  5. Thanks a lot for the encouragement, everyone :D