23 Aug 2014

Does Money Matter?

Yes, I think it does. From the moment we open our eye in the morning till we sleep, and I mean, actually sleep. Most of you must have understood where my discussion is headed, for others – I’m talking about Money becoming the lifeline to our existence. I know some of you are nodding as you agree with me. I also know that some of you must have eaten bitter-pills and shaking your head in disagreement saying that what this girl is talking about, no, we are too ethical and true believer that money isn't everything. But, believe me you are saying that because of your still-existing, over-powering principles otherwise you are with me. *smile*

A baby needs a toy or a lollipop to stop crying. A girl needs a barbie to keep herself busy. A 12 year old boy needs a video game or a cricket kit to be occupied for the entire day. An 18 year old girl needs some super-expensive dresses and same age boy needs a bike, to actually talk straight to their parents. As we go to next 20 years, we will be looking at expensive cars, lavish houses, high-class kitties to attend and a lot many things like this, which will make people think straight and accomplished.

Happiness to everyone comes with either money or things they got from this money. We all are so much into this that now it has become normal for us. And then here are few of us, who believe that money isn't the sole provider of Happiness. It is. Only thing is we do not want to see it that ways. I’m not an exception. And neither am I saying it’s a crime. It is a truth in current times. I have specifically used the words ‘in current times’ and not ‘for current generation’ because our elders are also not an exception. They are smarter, they are following the waters. They know it’s normal now, so they can also enjoy knowing the fact that it isn't a crime. Not that they are wrong, that’s why I said they are smarter. *wink* 

Today was your introduction to Reality, I’ll be writing more to actually get praises from you. Yes, you have read it correct. I’ll be writing more to get your praises, because the editor might pay me to keep you guys hooked with the blog. And as you all know by now – Money does matters! *wink* *wink*

This Article is written by Nishtha Sharma (PGDM 2013-15)


  1. Well written... Actually the truth, which is hard to accept for some.

  2. Nice fINITIATIVE from your side..
    Good work..
    Reality stinks, and money is important, but how much money or to what extent, well that's bit subjective..

    Though liked occasional *winks*

    1. Thank you @arpit .. Next article would definitely mention the timing, intention and amount of money required to be qualified as GOOD money ;)

  3. I could totally relate to it while reading. It's like "my thoughts" expressed by you. Very well written. Keep it up. (Y)

    1. Thank you :)
      Good to know you could relate to it so much.. my job is done then..
      I would try to pen down something to reach larger audience next time.